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20 Years of Learning


Celebrating two decades of work we love with people we respect!

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For Peak Development's 10th Anniversary in 1996, we wanted to do something that not only marked the occasion, but did so in a way that provided business value to our clients. We published a series of articles on our website which aimed to distill some of what we'd learned over our first decade of helping organizations and leaders realize their fullest potential. The articles were posted once-a-month over the course of a year, and at the end of the year we collected them into a mini-book that we shared with clients. This was before the word "blog" had been coined, but the effort laid the foundation for much of what we've done since: our Growing Your Organization blog, our Peak Development Radio podcast, my column on Entrepreneur, and of course my recent book Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice. I still see dog-eared copies of our 10 Years of Learning mini-book in leaders' offices, so am glad for how much it resonated.

In thinking about ways to celebrate Peak Development's 20th Anniversary, we decided to revisit the concept and bring another mini-book to life. Much of what we published 10 years ago still holds true today so in the pages that follow, we share not only what was written over our first decade of learning, but also some of the most popular pieces we've written and published over our second decade. As before, we looked for pieces that brought our core values to life: we want people to feel more capable and better equipped to do their work; we want people to know that one person can make a difference; we want people to realize that organizations grow when people grow.

Mindy Hall, PhD

Mindy Hall, PhD

I hope you'll enjoy 20 Years of Learning as much as we've enjoyed putting it together. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of Peak Development's first twenty years. I look forward to sharing even more learning with you in the years to come.


Topics include:

  • The Five Most Important Elements of Leading a Project
  • Change Your Habits and You Change Everything
  • Leader as Facilitator
  • Stop Making Change a Workstream, It's a Mind-Set
  • The Best Move for Your Business Is to Make It Your Team's Business, Too
  • How to Use Social Media in Your Leadership
  • Want Meetings to Be More Effective? Use Visuals
  • Sending a Man to the Moon
  • Being a Pebble in the Pond
  • Meet Your Heroes
  • ...and more!

>>Download the mini-book now!<<

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