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10 Years of Learning

Throughout 2006, Peak Development published a monthly web series called “10 Years of Learning,” which looked back at the most important lessons learned over the company’s first decade. Now, as the 10th Anniversary has come to a close, we’re pleased to provide all of the essays from this series in one convenient volume. Whether you followed along with the series online or you’re just discovering it now, we hope you find the ideas helpful in your work.

Developing Executive Teams

Teams at the executive level face a unique set of challenges: significant demands on their time, managing the balance of functional and organizational leadership, and learning how to be both nimble and effective as an executive team, to name just a few. Encompassing the results of our 2006 independent research study, this white paper is the result of nearly 100 senior executives from around the globe sharing their real-world experiences and practical advice on the development of executive teams.

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