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Lessons Learned

Taking the opportunity to “close-out” with a project team when work is complete is an important but often underutilized phase in a team’s life cycle. It helps individuals move quickly and productively from one team to another, and organizations record and transfer knowledge that teams accrue. The methodology used to collect the lessons learned for a given project will depend largely on the size and structure of the team involved. Whatever the approach, here are key success factors for a robust “lessons learned” session.

How much different would succession planning be if organizations oriented their process toward appreciative inquiry? Rather than investing primarily in addressing gaps, what would result if they invested primarily in leveraging strengths?

Using a multidimensional case-study research design, Deep Learning explores the experiences of one company developing leaders’ abilities using what is often referred to as “transformative learning.” This process of deep learning is an experience that causes significant awareness and/or shifts of assumptions, perspectives, and frames-of-reference that one holds or oneself, of others, or of the world.

Building on existing qualitative research, this book provides process observation of a deep learning experience, using opinion-polling of subject matter experts, semi-structured interviews, and participant observation to describe the practices and organizational supports used to successfully foster deep learning in leaders.

Executing On Priorities

Recently, I was attending an executive team meeting which was focused on the team’s organizational goals for the coming year. After the leader outlined the day, one of the team members quipped, “So we’re going to spend today prioritizing all of our goals, and then still execute against everything.” Though delivered jokingly, the remark clearly has its roots in experience and speaks to one of the biggest challenges to execution: a lack of organizational and operational discipline.

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