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Leaders who are strong in both results focus and social skills are perceived as much more effective leaders. However, less than 1% of leaders were rated high on both. How would you be perceived?

Contrary to the title, Inc. Magazine finds five common issues that cause the majority of team misalignment.

A fun article, and a great reminder on perspective. Mike Holmes is a cartoonist. And every so often, for an hour, he will do a portrait of himself and his cat, through the eyes of another cartoonist. “All of us have eyes. But those eyes are attached to brains, and brains sculpt what we take in, emphasizing this, avoiding that, so that one man and one cat can be as many men and as many cats as the number of people looking.”

“Too many companies think of culture as a way to make people feel good about where they work and not as a way to help employees — hence the organization — perform better.” Research reveals seven attributes of high-performing cultures that contribute to performance. How many does your company embody?

Top teams of the future will need to be both more diverse and able to work together more effectively—two goals it can be difficult to promote at the same time. The MIT Sloan Management Review suggests a few considerations for organizations developing their executives.

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