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A great read from Strategy+Business that illustrates how organization design determines behavior, and suggests 8 elements—both formal and informal—for effective organization design.

“Have you ever wondered if you could achieve mastery as a leader? If so, what would you have to do?” Mark Miller suggests five keys to help you in your practice, via his blog Great Leaders Serve.

Freek Vermeulen at Strategy+Business suggests the best—and most underrated—definition of a “great company” may be one that balances organizational performance with employee satisfaction.

While nearly 2/3rds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, nearly 100% report that they would value it. This is one of several notable findings from Stanford’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey. I think you’ll find it interesting, both in terms of how receptive CEOs are to coaching, as well as in how CEOs and Board Members view the skills most in need of development.

Great advice from LinkedIn’s CEO on how to show appreciation for a job well done.

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