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Challenge: Creating a plan for developing this company’s top performers of today into its leaders of tomorrow. Without such a plan, they faced the possibility of vacant leadership positions, or worse, executives who lacked the skills and experience to lead effectively.

Challenge: This company had been through several mergers and name changes in the past few years. As the organization changed, the Human Resource (HR) team’s focus had blurred. The Vice President of HR was looking for a way to align the global team around a common vision for the function. She wanted to transform the team’s skill set, allowing them to transition out of their traditional, transactionally-focused roles, and become true strategic business partners with their line clients.

Challenge: This team needed not only to manage a highly complex product launch—the largest prescription to over-the-counter switch in the company’s history—but to do so amid the integration of two large pharmaceutical companies. It was a high-profile test of the acquisition’s value, but also an opportunity to showcase how the best aspects of both cultures could combine to create new ways of working.

Challenge: A well-regarded company with several category-leading brands had missed its top and/or bottom line for the past several quarters. Senior leaders were wary of a redesign process that would simply move boxes on an organizational chart. They were looking to send a signal that real change was required at every level of the organization, and to undergo a process that would dramatically impact both how people worked with one another and the results they could achieve.

Challenge: Achieving a key initiative in this pharmaceutical company’s vision: the design of a seamless operating model (from molecule to market). To provide a powerful base of sustainability, the initiative was led internally by HR executives, with Peak Development providing additional expertise in organization design and executive coaching to sharpen their consulting skills as they cascaded the effort throughout the company.

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