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While nearly 2/3rds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, nearly 100% report that they would value it. This is one of several notable findings from Stanford’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey. I think you’ll find it interesting, both in terms of how receptive CEOs are to coaching, as well as in how CEOs and Board Members view the skills most in need of development.

I was facilitating an Organization Development (OD) AcademySM session recently, and had just finished discussing a series of OD tools for the participants to use in tackling their pressing business challenges. The session’s sponsor—an executive HR leader I’ve worked with extensively and who shares my orientation to the work—gave the team what I thought was a great piece of advice. While recognizing the utility of the tools, she cautioned them not to “let the tools become the outcome.”

Reflecting on Experience

One of the most important yet least practiced phases of any project is reflecting on the experience and what it can teach. Especially in today’s hectic business climate, by the time one project has come to an end, we are already engaged in the next. However, taking the time to reflect on lessons learned can have a significant impact on future performance, both for you and your organization.

When You Wish Upon a Star

What is it you want to create in your organization? In your life? Never underestimate your power and ability to create exactly what you envision.

Seeing Your Mindsets

We pay attention to things that reinforce what we believe. Today’s business environment, however, requires a mindset shift: it requires the ability to see things differently, beyond one’s own perspective. Many people do not recognize that they deal from their own worldview; many believe that what they see is reality. But the impact of early imprinting on our behavior is without question. We are stamped with patterns, frames of reference, and triggers. The beauty and the power comes from being able to stand outside of these and “see” them, and then to choose consciously how to react, rather than simply reacting from a place we have not consciously chosen. So, how do you make your mindsets visible?

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