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Executive Transitions

#1305 – While moving to a new company or into an expanded role can offer a fresh start and a chance to inject new ideas and energy into an organization, it can also be challenging, as you start anew in building relationships, learning the organization, and adapting to new roles, cultures, and expectations. Perceptions form quickly, and once they form they’re hard to change, so it’s important to start strong. Michael Conway, Executive Vice President of Global Channel Development at Starbucks, discusses his recent transition and shares ideas for accelerating your effectiveness in a new leadership role.

Peak Development Radio

Developing Teams

#1304 – There are few forces more powerful than a team actively engaged in their work together and aligned around a common goal. But how do you create this capacity in a team? Bob Sheroff, former senior executive of Biogen Idec and Johnson and Johnson, with over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, shares the strategies he has found most useful in developing the teams he’s led, and what he recommends to those who want to build extraordinary teams.

Peak Development Radio

Intentional Leadership

#1303 – Leading with intention requires a keen awareness of your impact, of the context in which you’re operating, and clarity about both what you want to achieve and how you want to show up. Dr. Mindy Hall and Teri Lawver, Global Commercial Strategy Leader at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, consider the impact more intentional leadership could have on organizations, and offer advice for those seeking to build their skills.

Peak Development Radio

Leadership Development

#1302 – Most organizations take a programmatic approach to developing their leaders. But is this the most effective approach? Jeff Keisling, Sr. VP and CIO at Pfizer, talks with Dr. Mindy Hall about balancing scalability and individualized development, and discusses ideas for better ways to think about growing your leadership talent.

Peak Development Radio

Backstage Consulting

#1301 – Backstage Consulting is an approach where consultants work more behind the scenes than center stage. Lisa Uthgenannt, Corporate Vice President of Human Resources at Covance, joins Dr. Mindy Hall to discuss what it entails, how to decide if it’s the right approach, the benefits it can hold for your organization, and what it takes to be a successful backstage consultant.

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