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“What if we saw work as an essential context for personal growth? And what if employees’ continuous development were assumed to be the critical ingredient for a company’s success?” Harvard Business Online asks some compelling questions about how we approach development, and imagines the possibilities in shifting our perspective.

Some have suggested that the essence of strategy is focus: choosing what not to do. On the Leader Lab Blog, Max McKeown makes an impassioned case for saying yes instead, arguing that choosing what to do (rather than what not to do) inspires passion, sparks creativity, and drives growth. It’s yet another way that a shift in perspective can impact your business goals.

“Passionate employees are not born, they are made through thoughtful leadership. Here are three ways in which you can help bring the best out of your team.”

Every leader should have a model for organization design that works for them, but how do you choose from the many options available? Harvard Business Online provides 5 questions that a good organization design model should answer.

Simpler is better. Forbes offers suggestions on areas of your business that might benefit from more simplicity.

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