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What we say isn’t always what other hear, especially when working across national and cultural divides. Harvard Business Online looks at the language of feedback, and the importance of paying attention to cultural differences.

What if you could make a simple shift that would lower stress, boost creativity, and unlock performance? Harvard Business review talks with noted researcher Ellen Langer on the benefits of mindfulness for today’s leaders.

A new study show a “correlation between leadership ability and willingness to ask their employees for feedback.” The Build Network considers the results and offers 5 keys on eliciting feedback from your team.

While focused on creating a culture of accountability, the general advice is sound for creating any culture: have a clear vision, pay attention to language and communication, weave your efforts into the organization, and model behavior.

“Individual contributors are a huge assets for every organization. Yet they typically fail to show up on anyone’s radar screen for development.” Exploring the benefits of more robust development opportunities for your organization’s informal leaders.

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