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#1406 – A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that, while the mean return on investment for executive coaching was seven times the initial investment, the top quarter of those surveyed reported an ROI of 10 to 50 times. That’s a wide margin, and is sure to make many leaders wonder whether their coaching initiatives could be performing better. Katherine Handin, CEO of Global Coaching Alliance, LLC, joins the program to discuss how organizations can get more from their executive coaching programs:from finding the best coaches, to aligning coaching with organizational strategy, to ensuring feedback loops between external coaches and internal talent management.

Inspiration, engagement, and authenticity. Three skills that should be at the top of the list for today’s leaders.From Harvard Business Online.

“Confining culture to the narrow role of “enabling” strategy prevents it from strengthening strategy by being part of it. It also weakens the power of strategy to turn your company’s cultural strengths into a source of enduring advantage.” From Strategy+Business.

While this article from Inc. is focused on communicating in times of great change, it offers great advice on communication for any leader looking to make a stronger connection with their team: make a personal connection, actively listen, and know that both what you say and how you say it matter.

“Engagement is about creating an emotional connection between employees and their work so that they want to put in the extra effort.” Fast Company suggests as effective tactic is to work from the frontline back: empowering employees to solve problems, working with them to remove obstacles, and finding meaningful ways to involve them in creating your company’s strategy.

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