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#1407 – How do you grow and maintain a culture in today’s complex, global organizations? Guest Devin Hibbard is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of BeadforLife, a non-profit that teaches impoverished women in Uganda how to become entrepreneurs and generate a stable income, while working in the developed world to engage citizens as advocates against extreme poverty. She discusses how BeadforLife’s culture has changed as they’ve grown, about the role their leaders play in shaping and maintaining the culture, and about how to sustain a culture that encompasses people living so far apart, amid vastly different conditions.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Go beyond the SWOT analysis, and ask your team to take on these tough questions.

Even when we think we’ve successfully masked our emotions, people instantly and unconsciously pick up on them. As a leader then, it’s especially important to be aware of your impact, and to understand how to channel emotion to drive results.

In strategy, as in leadership, it’s your everyday actions that matter. Roger Martin provides 4 questions every leader should be ask to ensure they’re bringing the organization’s strategy to life. From @HarvardBiz.

We all understand that the rhythm of a global team is not a perfect 9-5 melody. But understanding something can be very different from living it. Steelcase offers five good global team practices for leveraging the value of a global team while minimizing the pain and disruption it can create for individual members.

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