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“The way you approach being in charge–whether you’re running a corporation, a civic organization, or a neighborhood bake sale–is a huge factor in the group’s achievement,” writes Lolly Daskal in Inc. “Think about the differences before you step up.”

“Being new is rarely easy, but if you’ve taken the time to be a learner and to get to know your team, chances are they will follow you when you step up and lead.” A senior executive in the tech industry shares her experience on kicking off work with a new team.

What factors make for a rich, enduring leadership development program? What factors actually create better leaders? What makes the investment in leadership training worth it? Writing for Forbes, Kristi Hedges provides five considerations.

“You are annoying your boss and colleagues any time you take your phone out during meetings, says new research from USC’s Marshall School of Business, and if you work with women and people over forty they’re even more perturbed by it than everyone else.”

There are some elements of an in-person meeting that you can’t replicate on a conference call. CT Business Travel and NeoMam Studios created this infographic, which makes the case that in-person business meetings are here to stay.

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