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Would your behavior change if you could quantify your influence on your kids, colleagues, and friends? In Forbes, Kevin Kruse asks what we’d do differently if we could actually measure our personal and professional legacy.

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Book Reviews: Off The Shelf

October 30, 2014 | by Alyson Nyiri, CHRP | “Hall writes that we must see ourselves as the primary tool for achieving high-level results and not look to external factors such as business models, organizational structure, or other people.”

“We think of mid-level managers as managing incremental change — but many are change leaders in the making,” says Behnam Tarizi in Harvard Business Online. “When they align their personal goals and strengths with the organization’s goals, they become extraordinary leaders.”

Ideation sessions must strike a balance between free-form creativity and structure. To optimize your team’s creativity, follow some of these tried and true exercises. Via @99u.

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Leading with Intention

#1413 – Dr. Mindy Hall answers questions about her newly released book, “Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice”: what exactly it means to lead with intention, why it’s a crucial skill for leaders at every level, and how leaders can begin to build their awareness, choose their impact, and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results.

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