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What we do as leaders is equally important as how we do it. The power is in the details: the timing, the tone, the communication, and the courage to recognize when our own comfort may need to take a back seat to others’ needs.

“Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice” is being officially released on Monday 10/27, and many people have been asking how they can help spread the word. While anything you’re willing to do is appreciated, every mention of the book in the first week—and especially on the first day—helps us reach the widest possible audience. The more people reached with the concept of intention, the greater its impact on individuals, organizations, and the world. Here are six ways you can help.

Social Media

Many leaders are simultaneously curious and hesitant about social media. Six tips for getting started, from a former social media skeptic.

One of the first decisions leaders will make when designing key conversations is on the physical space for the meeting. Leaders often think that any space will do; that if you get the right people together in a room—any room—the rest will take care of itself. But according to Moments of Impact authors Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon, the physical spaces we meet in exert a powerful influence on the outcomes we achieve.The good news is that, with a little forethought, it’s relatively easy to create a space that makes extraordinary outcomes possible. Here’s how.

When you walk into a meeting, are you clear about your intentions for that meeting? Do you know what you want to accomplish? Before you enter, have you thought about the dynamics in the room, the key points you want to make, the questions you want to ask, and how you want to show up? Or have you rushed into the room from another meeting with no real sense of what you are walking into or what you want to contribute?

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