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The Ethics Dividend

#1416 – Rather than simply a means to prevent negative consequences, what would happen if we instead focused on the positive effects of business ethics? Is there a dividend—financial or otherwise—that can be associated with behaving ethically? If so, how does it show up in our organizations, and what can leaders do to leverage it? Eric McNulty, author and Director of Research and Professional Programs at Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, discusses.

Peak Development Radio

#1415 – Author Clive Thompson discusses how today’s digital tools are improving our interactions in the real world, why we should learn to use them more deliberately, and how leaders can harness these tools to improve their organization’s performance.

Peak Development Radio


#1414 – Claire Shipman, correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America and co-author of “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance,” discusses why confidence is so important and practical ways for developing it.

Peak Development Radio

Leading with Intention

#1413 – Dr. Mindy Hall answers questions about her newly released book, “Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice”: what exactly it means to lead with intention, why it’s a crucial skill for leaders at every level, and how leaders can begin to build their awareness, choose their impact, and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results.

Peak Development Radio

Designing Strategic Conversations

#1412 – At key points in the lives of our organizations, success depends on little more than a conversation, and the outcomes rest on factors that are often intangible: whether the right people are in the room, how fully they choose to invest, and whether they feel a sense of ownership in the outcomes. But while these factors may be intangible, they should not be left to chance. Guest Lisa Kay Solomon, innovation strategist and co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Moments of Impact, discusses how, by being more intentional in the design of these strategic conversations, leaders can ensure they’ll have a lasting impact.

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