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“Every day you make decisions that impact the outcome of your life.” According to Entrepreneur’s Steve Tobak, “The question you should ask yourself is this: Are the choices I’m making today – right now – changing the outcome for better or worse?”

“Are you investing the time, energy, and mind-share in your own growth and development that will take your performance to the next level?” Susan Mazza offers tips on the Random Acts of Leadership blog.

As a leader in your organization, what keeps you awake at night? Harvard Business Review interviewed 24 CEOs and asked them to name the biggest challenges facing their organizations.

Beyond Executive Coaching

Toward the end of an executive coaching engagement, there typically comes a point at which we’ve accomplished what we set out to do and it is time to set new goals and continue, transition to an ending of the coaching work, or structure a different way of working. For some leaders, there is benefit in an extended relationship: what I’ve come to call a strategic advisory.

“By being thoughtful about your assumptions, you can become better aware of the options you have to most effectively exercise your leadership.” Eric McNulty, writing for Strategy+Business.

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