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“Making the right investments in learning and development programs has never been more important – or more of a challenge – for business leaders.” Keith Ferrazzi reviewed recent research to reveal “seven challenges companies must meet to create development programs that really work.”

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What It Takes to Grow Leaders

#1504 – As individuals climb higher in organizations, functional skills are not a differentiator of great leadership or a source of long-term competitive advantage, they are merely the price of entry. But while systematic processes for developing functional skills are carried out daily in organizations and at business schools worldwide, much less attention is given to the development of leadership skills. Mindy Hall talks with Kevin Cashman, author and Senior Partner for CEO & Executive Development at Korn Ferry, about what it takes to grow these skills, and how both organizations and individuals should approach their leadership development.

“Leadership development often focuses on doing,” writes Eric McNulty in Strategy+Business. “But where leadership effectiveness really starts is with thinking.” He suggests three big mental shifts aspiring leaders must make in order to develop thinking capacity and capability.

“What organizations need in this day and age is an environment where Change just happens constantly and systematically,” writes Arnaud Henneville. “To paraphrase Gary Hamel what is needed is a change platform, not a change program.”

“Beyond-the-pill” initiatives typically fail because of one of three challenges: leadership, regulatory environment, or access to capital. In Harvard Business Review, Sachin H. Jain suggests five ways to proactively avoid some of the most common mistakes and help ensure commercial success.

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