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“It’s no secret that keeping in close touch with your team is important. But as a leader, you shouldn’t discount the value of making time to be alone so you can think and reflect.”

“Your organization’s values – when consistently put into action – define the culture.” Margy Bresslour, writing for Switch & Shift.

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The Paradox of Adversity

#1507 – The most successful leaders and entrepreneurs know that failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of it. What is it about adverse events that helps fuel our growth, and why do some leaders seem to weather adversity better than others? Dr. Mindy Hall talks with Pepper de Callier, Founder and Executive Director of the Prague Leadership Institute, who’ll be speaking on this topic at The Economist’s 2016 international conference on human resources in London.

“When it comes to getting a company to act as a unified whole,” writes Elizabeth Doty in Strategy+Business, “even the best intentions are often undermined by three fundamental challenges: lack of visibility, too much complexity, and difficulty establishing trust.”

According to new research from Eric Garton and Michael C. Mankins in Harvard Business Review, “it would take two and a quarter satisfied employees to generate the same output as one inspired employee.”

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