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“You can get a technical advantage over your competitors, but you can’t keep it unless you have brilliant and energized people on your team,” advises Liz Ryan in Forbes. “You can get a temporary financial advantage or an operational one, but those advantages are not sustainable without the magnet of a trusting culture to pull great employees in keep them excited. You have no higher priority in 2017 than building a trust-based culture. Now is a great time to get started!”

“Your brain circuits are strengthened by the choices you make about where and how to focus your attention” write Jeffrey Schwartz, Josie Thomson, and Art Kleiner in Strategy+Business. “That’s how addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among many other human frailties, gain much of their power. But it is also possible to consciously use self-directed neuroplasticity to train your brain toward more constructive ends, and toward a stronger leadership role.”

“For people to work together, they need to know that both labor and credit will be shared. In short, they need teammates who understand their feelings (i.e. empathy) and care about their wellbeing (i.e. compassion).” David DeSteno offers suggestions for increasing empathy and compassion in your teams.

“To be effective, a leader must make sure his or her perception of personal actions does, in fact, align with how employees view these same decisions,” say Thuy and Milo Sindell. They offer a look at where leaders most often miss the mark and how they can better make their impact match their intentions.

“Your boss or HR leadership simply doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to properly think through how best to deploy your talents moving forward,” warns Dorie Clark in Harvard Business Review. “Instead, we have to take control of our career planning to ensure we’re putting ourselves in position for long-term growth.”

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