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“Being able to tune into a culture without pre-conceived biases or judgment is a skill all leaders need in complex, global organizations,” writes Deborah Rowland in Harvard Business Review. “And yet while being willing to experience other cultures is fundamental, at the same time you can never totally assimilate – nor should you.”

The second in a five-part series on Peak Development’s CLEAR Model for Change, which encompasses Communication, Leadership, Active Involvement, Education, and Reinforcement. This installment focuses on leadership, which is the powerhouse of the CLEAR Model because the number-one way an organization’s behavior gets shaped is by what a leader models.

“Culture is complex, and depending on what parts you’re changing, a complete overhaul won’t happen overnight.” In Switch & Shift, Jamie Notter shares four tips for making quick progress.

“People will not believe a message that presses for change if they don’t believe the messenger.” In Strategy+Business, Augusto Giacoman provides a 3-step process leaders can use to build trust before embarking on organizational transformations.

“In what meaningful and sustainable ways do you value your people at work?” Lead Change Group’s Marcel Schwantes suggest three profound ways great leaders go about valuing their people.

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