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“When you get that new position or take over a team you have a window of influence” writes Chris Robinson in Forbes. While there is no such thing as instant buy-in, his experience suggests five ways to engage and influence your new team, gaining the credibility you need to produce results.

“True leaders build capacity and capability in people for tackling tomorrow’s challenges while meeting today’s goals; it is a matter of cultivating performance rather than simply extracting value,” writes Eric McNulty in Strategy+Business. “Answering ritual questions will help build the self-awareness necessary for growth in both you and your team.”

“Great leadership is about creating great relationships with your teams and inspiring them to go above and beyond.” Inc’s Gordon Tredgold suggests 15 things you can say to inspire yours.

“Google’s productive teamwork–and the psychological safety fueling it–is extraordinary. Here’s 25 years of research on what makes it safe for people to show up and do their best work.” Dr, Michelle Reina writing for Inc.

“Business evolution requires leaders to continually identify and enable the full potential of others,” writes Glenn Llopis in Forbes, “and that requires a constantly evolving strategic plan so that we can all influence and lead the future together.”

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