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“It’s a common complaint among top executives: ‘I’m spending all my time managing trivial and tactical problems, and I don’t have time to get to the big-picture stuff.’ And yet when I ask my executive clients, ‘If I cleared your calendar for an entire day to free you up to be ‘more strategic,’ what would you actually do?’ most have no idea.” Ron Carucci shares three practical ways to help executives focus their strategic thinking.

“Active involvement” lies at the center of Peak Development’s CLEAR Model of Change©. It is what underpins every other element of our model and creates sustainable results in your organizational change initiatives. Quite simply, people will nurture what they help create; to ensure success, discover ways for those affected by a change to play a role in bringing it to life.

“High-performing teams share nearly six times more positive feedback than average teams.” HBR’s Christine Porath suggests ways for igniting more frequent, effective feedback, including that you “consider which of your team members’ positive contributions you currently take for granted. Make a list, and start calling out team members for their strengths when you see them in action — and try to catch people at it in the moment.”

“Ultimately, our study suggests that purpose does, in fact, matter,” writes George Serafeim in Harvard Business Review. “But it only matters if it is implemented in conjunction with clear, concise direction from top management and in such a way that the middle layer within the firm is fully bought in.”

October 24, 2016 | by Jim Emerick | “Dr. Mindy Hall’s tightly crafted work is a terrific companion…She has realized all leadership is personal, and so is the obligation to affect others’ lives. It is a choice and a decision – bravo!”

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