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“All CEOs will eventually leave office, yet research has long shown that most organizations are ill-prepared to replace them,” says Eben Harrell in Harvard Business Review. “So what can directors do not only to prepare for succession events but to ensure they make a winning pick when the time comes?”

“Your brain has a great story about the past. It needs a new one about the future.” Andrea Simon, on why stories are such a powerful tool for helping your bran deal with change.

“Growth comes from leaders who pick the right values and reinforce them through their own behavior; their choices of whom to hire, promote, and fire; how they set goals and encourage people to achieve them; and what they learn from success and failure.” Peter Cohan suggests four ways to make culture work in your favor.

“Showing a little gratitude in the office could be the simplest, yet most effective way to boost morale and promote a healthy culture. Yet, many leaders hesitate to show their appreciation.” Author Amy Morin suggests ways to infuse gratitude into the workplace.


For change to take root, you must overcome patterns that pull people back to the familiar and comfortable; one of the best ways to support new patterns is to provide positive reinforcement. That is why Reinforcement plays such a large role in Peak Development’s CLEAR Model of Change©. By rewarding the new behaviors necessary for change, you are making it more likely that those behaviors will continue. You are building new habits that, with time and perseverance, become the new norm.

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