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According to HBR’s Martin Reeves, “Execution should be as varied, as thoughtful, as subtle, as diverse and as intertwined with strategy as is necessary to get the job done, and that will vary according to the specific challenge at hand.”

“There is a broad assumption in society and in education that the skills you need to be a leader are more or less transferable,” says Art Markman in Harvard Business Review. “But recent research is rightly challenging this notion. Studies suggest that the best leaders know a lot about the domain in which they are leading, and part of what makes them successful in a management role is technical competence.”

“Brain science shows that new insights are fragile,” says Elizabeth Doty in Strategy+Business. But, she adds, “you can increase your team’s execution effectiveness by shifting your view of your role as a leader. Instead of being a taskmaster or allowing poor follow-up to undermine results, you can think of yourself as the architect of your team’s focus and attention — using simple practices to reactivate the insights that really matter over time.”

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#1706 – We continue our series on Accelerating HR’s Business Impact with Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, contributor to the website Fistful of Talent, and author of his own blog, The Tim Sackett Project. He talks with Dr. Mindy Hall about the importance of talent and performance in today’s organizations, and why HR needs to be more proactive in shaping its own destiny.

“Before worrying about how to change, executive teams need to figure out what to change—in particular, what to change first…When companies don’t choose their transformation battles wisely, their efforts have a negative effect on performance.” Harvard Business Review asks “How can leaders decide which changes to prioritize at the moment?”

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