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Inc’s Marcel Schwantes asks, ‘Where are you in your own journey as a leader in relation to these characteristics?”

“In today’s ever-changing and more complex business environment, giving a broader range of people more power to drive organizational change is tantamount to success.” Says author Brent Gleeson, “Inspiring the team is one thing, but physically and psychologically giving them more autonomy to participate in the transformation process is critical.”

Business leaders from Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list share insights. Our favorite: “You’ve got all of the skills to be intentional about your culture—but you have to prioritize it.”

How leaders frame questions shape the conversations that are possible. Author David Marquet says it all starts with one word.

“We live in an age of abundant opportunity for learning and development,” writes John Coleman in Harvard Business Review. “Capturing that opportunity — maintaining our curiosity and intellectual humility — can be one of life’s most rewarding pursuits.”

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