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“The core challenge for modern leaders, I believe, is to become more wholly human – to actively develop a wider range of capabilities and to more deeply understand themselves,” says Tony Schwartz, author and CEO of The Energy Project. “The first step is simply deepening self-awareness. We can’t change what we don’t notice.”

“Creating work environments that are conducive to producing good, high-quality work is trickier than it might appear at first sight,” writes Peter Economy in Inc. “In workplaces where employees take responsibility for their actions, however, leaders can expect much higher levels of productivity–especially if team members are personally taking responsibility for their work, good and bad.”

“The most underused leverage in a company’s executive suite may be the relationship between its chief financial officer (CFO) and its chief human resources officer (CHRO),” say John Berisford and Jack Callahan in Strategy+Business. “It feels counterintuitive to prioritize both profits and people. But when the collaboration works — when the CFO and CHRO align their perspectives in service of the company and its shareholders — this unlikely alliance becomes a powerful engine of transformation and growth.”

“Experts sounded a consistent theme about how to align personal values and organizational values,” says Adam Fridman in Inc. “Most organizations are thinking about it as needing to align people to what the organization values. But perhaps that equation is wrong. The reason so many people don’t change their behavior, is that we’re focusing on the wrong values. Workers may show up for a paycheck, but their behavior is transformed when an organization aligns its values with those of their people.”

“Before this study, like many other organizations, Google Execs believed that building the best teams meant compiling the best people,” writes Michael Schneider in Inc. “It makes sense. The best engineer plus an MBA, throw in a PhD, and there you have it. The perfect team, right? In the words of Julia Rozovsky, Google’s people analytics manager, ‘We were dead wrong.'”

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