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Peak Development Radio

Building Your Leadership Library – Vol. 2

#1702 – As a leader, it’s important that you’re always learning and growing; and one of the best, most accessible ways to continue your learning over time is to grow your leadership library. To help you find your next book, we’ve asked our recent podcast guests, “What 1-2 books would you recommend every leader have in their leadership library?” Barbara Cave Henricks, Rusty Shelton, Scott Mautz, and Glenn Hartman share their favorites.

Peak Development Radio

Becoming an Everyone Culture

#1701 – In most organizations nearly everyone is doing a second job…trying to look their best and manage others’ impressions of them. What if, instead, organizations encouraged people to overcome their internal barriers to change, and use their errors and vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for both personal and company growth? What would it look like if we organized our companies around the simple but radical conviction that organizations will prosper when they are more deeply aligned with people’s strongest motive, which is to grow? Dr. Robert Kegan, co-author of the book “An Everyone Culture,” discusses Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDOs), and how you can begin to create this kind of “Everyone Culture” in your own company.

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