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“Having a strong vision for your company is one thing. Being able to communicate it clearly is another ballgame,” says Inc’s Jordan Scheltgen. “No matter what roles you shift in and out of, being an effective communicator is one of your most essential skills. You’ll need to inform, motivate and criticize your team members. The more clearly you can do this, the better shape you’ll be in.”

“Just as you’d design an app according to the capacity of a device, you need to design language to the capacity of a brain,” says the NeuroLeadership Institute’s David Rock in HBR. “Any time you craft an idea that you want people to remember easily, if the idea can be said out loud in under three seconds, the chances of usage go up dramatically.”

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Thought Leaders on HR: Jennifer McClure

#1801 – DisruptHR CEO Jennifer McClure talks about why now is a great time to be in Human Resources, and how important it is for HR leaders to build relationships across the business. By better understanding other leaders’ needs, you’ll be better able to help the business meet its objectives. “Be a person that others go to when they want to get something done,” she says, “and you’ll be the most important person in the company.”

“When it comes to an ideal job, most of us are looking for a career, a community, and a cause,” say Lori Goller, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington, and Adam Grant in Harvard Business Review. In the past, companies could get by offering a workplace that embodies just one of these three characteristics, but Facebook’s recent study of its employees suggests that people want more from their organizations.

How do you retain a strong company culture as the business evolves or goes through a major corporate event? According to Forbes’ Jeff Weber, through strong, proactive, and accessible leadership. “By being open, direct and honest, leaders can positively influence employees and company culture.”

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