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Three Secrets of Organizational Effectiveness

August 3, 2017

“The workplace is a natural medium for viral behavior, transmitted through observation. As long as people see the difference it makes, a change in a few individuals’ neural patterns can move rapidly through the enterprise…The more people who understand the value of fostering autonomy, purpose, and recognition—and who translate these principles into practice—the more others will mirror them and the more widespread these practices will become.” Jesse Newton and josh Davis, writing for Strategy+Business.

Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks

August 1, 2017

“Simply changing a culture in an effort to improve employee engagement won’t necessarily lead to improved business performance,” writes Alice Zhou in Strategy+Business. “In fact, treating engagement as the goal of culture evolution can have a negative impact…The key to unlocking performance via organizational culture is to align company culture to business priorities.”


How to Make Work More Meaningful for Your Team

August 9, 2017

“People at work are more likely to thrive and grow when they experience their job as meaningful. This is why businesses with a stronger and clearer sense of purpose tend to have better financial performance.” In Harvard Business Review, Lewis Garrad shares four qualities of leaders who make meaning.

Are You Struggling To Find Good People? Here’s How To Change That

August 2, 2017

“As a leader, if you struggle to find and keep ‘good’ people, perhaps part of the problem lies with what you are looking for, and part of the problem may be how you show up to those you lead.” says Ron Carucci in Forbes. “Take heed — your own goodness as a leader will largely shape whether you can attract and cultivate ‘good’ people around you.”


How to Involve Your Team in Creating Vision and Strategy

August 18, 2017

“One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is thinking they are supposed to have all the answers,” writes Jesse Lyn Stoner. “But sometimes the smartest thing you can do is to involve your team in creating vision and strategy and invite them to think together about the future. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you talk about it. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.”

You Can’t Motivate Your Team, But You Can Inspire Them

August 10, 2017

“Ultimately, the question isn’t about how to motivate your team — because you can’t. The question is what do you need to do to inspire your team to self-motivate.” Suggests Frances McIntosh in Forbes, “Getting to know them is a great place to start.”


Putting Humanity First In Our Organizations

August 15, 2017

Are we overcomplicating management and leadership and ignoring what makes us people? In Strategy+Business, Eric McNulty shares three principles that “stand the test of time as guideposts for thoughtful discussion of how to bring — and sustain — humanity in your organization.”

Finance and HR: The Executive Partnership That Transformed a Company

July 26, 2017

“The most underused leverage in a company’s executive suite may be the relationship between its chief financial officer (CFO) and its chief human resources officer (CHRO),” say John Berisford and Jack Callahan in Strategy+Business. “It feels counterintuitive to prioritize both profits and people. But when the collaboration works — when the CFO and CHRO align their perspectives in service of the company and its shareholders — this unlikely alliance becomes a powerful engine of transformation and growth.”

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