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$20 If You Can Tell Me Your Company’s Core Values

September 14, 2017

Are your company’s core values just words, or do they set clear expectations for people’s behavior? Says author Kevin G. Armstrong in Forbes, “If you want your culture to be respected, don’t disrespect your culture by developing core value statements for marketing banners and customer presentations rather than for defining expectations for people functioning in your business environment.”

Why Culture Doesn’t Just Beat Strategy, It Must Be The Strategy

September 12, 2017

“Many leaders see the concept of ‘culture’ and the tasks of defining and managing it as luxuries that only get attention once more concrete and easier-to-measure objectives are handled…That’s a short-sighted view, because the organizations that dominate their segment–Amazon, Apple, Zappos, and many more–do it specifically by defining and managing culture!” Says Forbes’ Brent Gleeson, “Culture IS the strategy. It is the single greatest differentiating factor between mediocre performers and the organizations that operate at the top.”


John Feal Teaches Us What It Means To Serve Others

September 13, 2017

“Whatever you can do to make a positive difference matters.” According to John Baldoni, that’s the lesson we can learn from people like John Feal, who, after being injured responding on 9/11, became an activist and advocate for other first responders.

Your Employees Are Telling You How to Lead Them. Here’s How to Listen.

August 31, 2017

“Assume what people say and do are consistent with what they consider meaningful and purposeful,” suggests author Joshua Spodek in Inc. “You’ll start to interpret all their behavior as telling you how to make their work meaningful.”


Google Says These 5 Characteristics Can Make or Break a Successful Team

September 11, 2017

“You’ll be surprised what your team is capable of when you give them the space and the confidence to do their best work,” says author Robin Camarote. “Focus on creating safety, dependability, meaning, and a sense of impact, and your team will thank you for it by putting their best foot forward.”

Liberate Your Team with Clearer Processes

September 7, 2017

“Effective processes are not about adding red tape — they are about enabling ‘flow,” says Elizabeth Doty. “Don’t wait until the fires are out — firefighting is a symptom of poor processes. Instead, dedicate small chunks of time to improvement, chipping away at the biggest time wasters first.”


The Overcomitted Organization

August 25, 2017

“Nearly every knowledge worker these days is a member of multiple concurrent teams. Together, organizational and team leaders can make the most of that trend by creating an environment where multiteamers will thrive.” According to HBR’s Mark Mortensen and Heidi K. Gardner, “All around, it’s a significant investment of time and effort. But organizations pay a much higher price when they neglect the costs of multiteaming in hot pursuit of its benefits.”

Putting Humanity First In Our Organizations

August 15, 2017

Are we overcomplicating management and leadership and ignoring what makes us people? In Strategy+Business, Eric McNulty shares three principles that “stand the test of time as guideposts for thoughtful discussion of how to bring — and sustain — humanity in your organization.”

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