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Let’s Align Habits To Organizational Values

July 21, 2017

“Experts sounded a consistent theme about how to align personal values and organizational values,” says Adam Fridman in Inc. “Most organizations are thinking about it as needing to align people to what the organization values. But perhaps that equation is wrong. The reason so many people don’t change their behavior, is that we’re focusing on the wrong values. Workers may show up for a paycheck, but their behavior is transformed when an organization aligns its values with those of their people.”

Start Here To Overcome The Risks Of Leading Organization Change

July 12, 2017

“Leaders who are wary of the ever-present risk of failure will often devote countless resources to planning out the perfect change management initiative,” suggests Forbes’ Ron Carucci. “To raise the odds of success, however, my experience suggests the place leaders need to begin their transformation efforts is not within their organizations, but within themselves.”

The Most Underrated Skill in Management

June 21, 2017

“There are few questions in business more powerful than ‘What problem are you trying to solve?'” say Nelson Repenning, Don Kieffer, and Todd Astor in the MIT Sloan Management Review. “In our experience, leaders who can formulate clear problem statements get more done with less effort and move more rapidly than their less-focused counterparts.” Their article offers suggestions for improving your problem formulation skills, and introduces a simple method for solving those problems.

Are You Fatigued From Leading Too Much Change? Try The 2% Rule Instead.

June 16, 2017

Rather than a big bang, asks Inc. contributor James Sudakow, “what if you strategically introduced very small change continuously? In other words, you make change in tiny increments that aren’t big enough to get people totally freaked out. In some cases, the tiny changes might not even be that noticeable. Over time, though, enough tiny changes combine to become a decent amount of change.”

How to Communicate Clearly During Organizational Change

June 15, 2017

“There are three main ways in which leaders too often send confusing signals to their organizations,” suggests Elsbeth Johnson in Harvard Business Review. “Get them right, and you can signal clearly and effectively; fail to pay attention to how and what you are signaling in these three modes, and you will have confusion at best — and at worst, the opposite of the strategic changes you’ve asked for.”

What It Actually Takes To Unleash Discretionary Energy

June 13, 2017

“Increasing discretionary effort isn’t about injecting anything new into an organization” writes S. Chris Edmonds in Forbes. “It’s about removing the barriers that are keeping discretionary effort at bay. In my experience, when you align people around what they believe is most important — their core values — those barriers gradually disappear. For good.”

Why You Should Ask More Of HR: OCD Is Not Organizational Design

June 12, 2017

“The most common approach (and misstep) is to view [organization design] too simplistically and to believe that it’s nothing more than writing boxes on a page, drawing lines, and placing people’s names in them,” writes Dr. Dale Albrecht in Forbes. “To ensure maximum effectiveness, organizational design efforts should interact with strategy, mission, work processes, talent, and rewards. Performance improvement is driven by an explicit effort to view and adjust the entire ecosystem.”

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