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Building Your Leadership Library

(clockwise from top right) Pepper de Callier, Bill Carmody, Bill Humphries, and Kevin Cashman

(clockwise from top left) Pepper de Callier, Bill Carmody, Kevin Cashman, and Bill Humphries

#1601 - In talking with great leaders and thinkers, I’ve always been intrigued to learn which books shaped them. What authors resonated with them and why? What ideas led them to where they are today? What do they see as central to their success? So for the past eight months, I’ve been asking a single question of our guests: “What 1-2 books would you recommend every leader have in their leadership library?” This episode features recommendations from Pepper de Callier, Founder and Executive Director of the Prague Leadership Institute; Bill Carmody, author, speaker, and CEO of Trepoint; Bill Humphries, President and CEO of Merz North America; and Kevin Cashman, bestselling author and Senior Partner for CEO and Executive Development at Korn Ferry. Their responses have been thoughtful and varied, and I hope they’ll serve as inspirations for your own reading list.

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  1. […] library. Their recommendations are fascinating, and are well worth a listen for anyone wanting to build their leadership library. I’ll be continuing to ask the question, and to share the answers several times a […]

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