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Establishing the Framework for a High-Performing Team

September 6, 2013

Challenge: This team needed not only to manage a highly complex product launch—the largest prescription to over-the-counter switch in the company’s history—but to do so amid the integration of two large pharmaceutical companies. It was a high-profile test of the acquisition’s value, but also an opportunity to showcase how the best aspects of both cultures could combine to create new ways of working.

Enhancing an Executive Team’s Performance

September 5, 2013

Challenge: This team had experienced a great deal of churn in the past year, and many new members were serving on a management board for the first time. The executive sponsor recognized that the team was focusing more on functional than organizational issues, and wanted to help them become more effective as an executive leadership body. Team members needed to think bigger, to challenge proactively, and to create an environment for transformational change within themselves and the organization.

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