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Changing the Conversation on HR

#1410 – In the July-August 2014 edition of Harvard Business Review, Ram Charan published an article titled "It's Time to Split HR." In 2005, Fast Company ran a cover story called "Why We Hate HR." We're having same conversation in 2014 as we had in 2005, as we had 20 years before that. What will it take to change the conversation? What makes it so that in 2020 there is not another article written about how the HR function is not living up to its potential? Mindy Hall talks with HR executives Donna Torelli, Lisa Uthgenannt, and Joan Winterbottom about their reactions to Dr. Charan's article: where they agree, where they differ, and what the HR function must do to shift the conversation.

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Thursday, September 4th, 2014  Tags: , ,
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