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Creating a Self-Sustaining Global Operating Model


Organization Design, Culture Development, and Backstage ConsultingSM across five business units of a global pharmaceutical corporation.

Business Challenge

Historically, this corporation had grown by allowing its diversified portfolio of companies to operate as discreet, highly specialized units. Now, the organization was looking to create a source of competitive advantage by increasing speed, efficiency, and collaboration across six geographically dispersed companies. This new global operating model would require the units to create platforms for collaboration, design processes, roles, and systems to support new ways of working, and align their organizational cultures to sustain changes into the future.

The Peak Development Solution

We recognized that, in order for a transformation of this magnitude to take root, it must be led from within. Peak Development created a project architecture which allowed an internal consulting group, comprised of individuals from all six companies, to lead the project, rather than relying on external resources. Utilizing our proprietary Backstage ConsultingSM methodology, we simultaneously built capacity and sustainability in the system by coaching the internal consulting group, advising senior leaders, providing organization design expertise, and guiding culture development efforts.


The project revitalized the talents of those inside the organization and created a high level of engagement across all six companies. It built capacity within the system, enabling the organization to sustain itself without ongoing external support. Individuals involved with the project reported feeling deeper levels of commitment to the organization and feeling energized by having a meaningful voice in shaping its future.

The resulting design broke through functional silos, and fostered more efficient use of the companies' human and organizational assets.

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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013  
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