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Cultivating Leaders

Peak Development aims to reach leaders at points of critical growth, helping them take their leadership skills from intuitive to intentional.

Functional expertise is the price of entry in today’s world. Creating the environment, however, where talented, engaged employees have passion, drive, and the ability to shape a company’s success goes far beyond functional expertise. To excel in a leadership role, executives must become adept at accelerating potential, shaping culture, and leading change.


Whether coaching individuals, strengthening leadership teams, or designing leadership development solutions, Peak Development cultivates leaders with a strong awareness of self and a keen ability to intentionally shape their impact.

Recent Projects

  • Peak Development is a preferred executive coaching provider for several prominent companies, having repeatedly demonstrated an ability to help high-potential leaders take their talents to the next level.
  • Coached the senior leaders of a newly-formed government non-profit. Peak Development provided both individual executive coaching and Backstage ConsultingSM for the organization’s startup amid an uncertain political environment.
  • Guided the creation of a sales leadership development program that put the power of design in the hands of sales leaders. The result was a national program that rolled out across North America, with a plan for global expansion within one year of its initial launch.


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