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Executive Coaching

Peak Development’s approach is rooted in practical recommendations that take a leader’s ability from intuitive to intentional.

Leaders are defined by the context of our time. As measures of business success shift, so too do the leadership actions needed to be effective. Leadership development that, historically, focused almost exclusively on what to do as a leader, has given way to development that includes how to be as a leader.


Peak Development works with both individual leaders and executive teams to facilitate the leap from functional to organizational leadership, customizing each engagement to meet the needs and challenges of our clients. Tools include:

Narrative 360° Feedback
We believe that senior leaders benefit much more from qualitative data about how they are perceived, as opposed to quantitative data, gathered from web-based tools. Therefore, we conduct one-on-one conversations with 15-20 colleagues (chosen by the leader), and analyze the results for key themes & insights.

Regular, One-On-One Sessions
There is a direct correlation between the ROI of coaching and the consistency and pacing of the coaching engagement. We meet with our coaching clients at least 3-4 times per month and weave coaching within the context of current-day issues and business challenges.

Real-Life, Real-Time Observations
Real-time observation and feedback provides invaluable data to form a strong link between cognitive understanding and behavioral action. Observation opportunities are offered throughout the coaching engagement and conducted at times determined by the leader.

Unlimited Access/Just-In-Time Consultations
Life does not always happen around pre-planned meetings and neither does our coaching. All coaching clients are offered unlimited access for phone consultations so in-the-moment questions receive in-the-moment feedback.

While our processes for coaching individual leaders and executive teams are compatible and are often used in concert, they are distinct offerings, targeting the unique needs of each situation: executive coaching is aimed at improving individual performance, while executive team coaching is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of a leadership team to work together in driving the success of an organization.


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