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Narrative 360 Feedback & Development Planning

No one operates in a vacuum: we learn from each other, we affect each other.

To function effectively, people must understand how they impact those up, down, across, and outside of the organization. Individuals and teams looking to grow can benefit greatly by obtaining feedback from the people around them — their bosses, their peers, their employees, and their customers.

Peak Development Consulting provides Narrative 360 Feedback & Development Planning tailored to both the individual and the culture in which they work. Each includes:

  • Narrative Structure—We believe that senior leaders benefit much more from qualitative data about how they are perceived, as opposed to quantitative data gathered from web-based tools. Therefore, we conduct one-on-one conversations with 15-20 colleagues (chosen by the leader), and analyze the results for key themes & insights.
  • One-on-One Results Debrief—At the conclusion of each survey process, we schedule a one-on-one session with the leader to review results, answer questions, and begin working toward a customized development plan.
  • Action Learning—Adults learn best by doing. Our customized development plans take into account adult learning methodologies and are heavily weighted to action learning and development-in-place initiatives.
  • Ownership of Results—We feel strongly that 360 Degree Feedback Surveys are best used for development purposes. For this reason, we share the results of the survey only with the individual being rated. However, as the results often facilitate rich conversations, we encourage our 360 clients to share their results with a boss and selected colleagues.

Our team-based 360s also deliver composite research and analysis, allowing a team to identify not only individual but also collective strengths and areas for improvement.

Our commitment to following through on feedback and providing mechanisms for continued development ensures that our 360 Feedback is more than just an exercise, but rather an important component in a comprehensive development program.


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