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Deep Learning: A Case-Study Exploration

A case-study exploration of one company’s experience in developing leaders with deeper understandings of themselves and their impact.

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Social, political, and economic forces are necessitating quantum and constant change in individuals, businesses, and whole economies. To meet those demands, our methods for developing leaders require equal revolution.

Using a multidimensional case-study research design, Deep Learning explores the experiences of one company developing leaders' abilities using what is often referred to as “transformative learning.” This process of deep learning is an experience that causes significant awareness and/or shifts of assumptions, perspectives, and frames-of-reference that one holds or oneself, of others, or of the world.

Dr. Mindy Hall identifies the foundational components for facilitating deep learning in organizations, provides a model articulating their interaction, and offers suggestions for the model's use as both a design and diagnostic tool.

Published by VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller, this scholarly text is targeted primarily for institutions. Dr. Hall's next book—tentatively titled Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice—will be for the consumer market, and aims to help both individuals and organizations shape their impact more intentionally.

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  1. haiyanhu says:

    I hope to get this book of the pdf format for studying and researching. Thank you!

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