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Designing Business Models

We believe that resident in the halls of every company is the knowledge and talent needed to design the organization.

However, it requires discipline and guidance to focus that knowledge and apply it to an organization's challenges.

We offer a structured process for helping organizations design new business models. Our methodology:

  • Puts the power of design in the hands of the people inside the organization
  • Moves the external firm from "providing the answer" to creating the framework, discipline, and guidance for organizations to find their own answers
  • Has proven flexible and scalable, from a 10,000 person supply chain, to a global organization operating throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and many more

This approach yields a truly customized result, born of the design team's deep familiarity with the organization and its workflows, yet informed by Peak Development's knowledge and experience across companies, industries, and continents.


Recent Projects

  • Facilitated the creation of a new global operating model across five business units of a leading pharmaceutical company. Peak Development's Backstage ConsultingSM methodology allowed the project to be led internally, simultaneously building capacity and encouraging sustainability by providing coaching for project and senior leaders, transferring organizational design expertise, and guiding cultural development efforts.
  • Worked with a rapidly-growing biopharmaceutical company, in the process of transitioning from a research-focused startup to a commercial organization with multiple products. We helped the executive team construct a model that would allow for future growth, while coaching the team on the culture needed to bring the model to life.
  • Guided a pharmaceutical development organization in the design of a new global operating model. The process yielded a more expedient and efficient model for delivering on their research portfolio, including a new organization design, streamlined governance structures, aligned organizational processes, mapped skills and capabilities, and leaders equipped to shape the organization's culture.


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