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Designing an Organization for Industry Leadership


Organization Design and HR Practitioner Development for human resource executives at a global research and development organization.

Business Challenge

The Management Board of this pharmaceutical company identified the design of a seamless operating model (from molecule to market) as a key initiative in achieving the organization's vision, taking the company from functionally divided to integrated at the product level, from internally focused to externally opportunistic, from conservative in mindset to innovative in actions. Successfully implementing a change of this magnitude requires not only expertise in organization design, but experience in leading change to help ensure that the new model takes root in the organization.

The Peak Development Solution

As people will nourish what they help create, we recommended that the change be led from within the organization. Peak Development served as backstage consultant and coach to the HR executives who led this effort, providing organization design expertise, and sharpening their consulting skills as they cascaded the effort throughout the company.


As the initiative was led from within the organization, it provided a powerful base for sustainability. The process gave the HR team experience in organization design, increasing their capacity to lead future change initiatives; additionally, the success of the project reflected upon them, increasing their credibility within the organization. With a more experienced HR team and a strong operating model in place, this organization is well-positioned to capitalize on its discoveries.

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Thursday, September 5th, 2013  
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