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Developing HR and Its Leaders

Lisa Uthgenannt

Lisa Uthgenannt, CHRO of LabCorp

#1703 - In HR transformation efforts, organizations typically invest a lot of money and time on systems and structure, but fall short on providing the capability building and ongoing development for practitioners to have stronger business impact. HR practitioners often feel like they’re being asked to operate in new ways, but aren’t being given the skills they need to be successful. We talk with Lisa Uthgenannt, Chief Human Resources Officer for LabCorp, about effective strategies for developing HR teams, the role senior HR leaders should play in development, and the skills HR practitioners most need to develop for the future.

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With this episode, we’re launching our first “season” of Peak Development Radio. What this means in practical terms is that we will devote several episodes of the podcast—and quite possibly a few of our articles—to a single, larger topic. For our summer season, we'll focus on Accelerating HR’s Business Impact. We’ll examine it from different angles, welcome in a variety of perspectives, and no doubt learn something new along the way. We’re building our episodes out for the summer season, and considering topics for future seasons, so if you have ideas you’d like us to drive a conversation around, please let us know by visiting our Contact page and sharing your idea.

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One comment on “Developing HR and Its Leaders
  1. Thank you for sharing such a substantive discussion. “What business issue are you trying to solve?” is a great question to ask that helps a team ensure they are focused. You two should take this conversation “on the road!”

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