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Developing Teams

There are few forces more powerful than a team actively engaged in their work together and aligned around a common goal. Creating this capacity requires focus, trust, and time.

Team development is not a one-day event; it is a process that requires attention over time. Teamwork is a learned behavior, and has more to do with how a team works through its challenges than it does with always feeling “team spirit.” Investing in the development of your teams maximizes collective potential for the organization.


Our process for developing teams is customized to each team’s current stage and context. Through innovative approaches such as executive team coaching, team-based 360s, functional assimilations, and custom executive team development initiatives, Peak Development works with teams of all sizes, providing tools that make the difference between teams that function and teams that thrive.

Recent Projects

  • Functioned as the executive team coach for the CIO and executive team of a Fortune 50 company. Embedded with the team for a period of six months and provided real-time, real-life feedback on team performance along four dimensions: interaction effectiveness, meeting effectiveness, strategic effectiveness, and execution effectiveness.
  • Worked with a consumer company to prepare a diverse, geographically dispersed product team for a major launch. Peak Development provided the team’s architecture and governance, streamlined decision making, coached leaders, and ensured consistent and robust communication flow across the product team and out to the larger organization.
  • Designed a custom team development initiative for a CEO and his top 20 executives in an Asia-based global company, to address a pressing challenge—building a leadership and growth culture across the globe. We facilitated team collaboration sessions that simultaneously developed executive team performance, accelerated the effectiveness of individual team members, solved a key business challenge, and created momentum in the company.


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