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Functional and New Leader Assimilations

A key element of team effectiveness rests in the deliberateness with which teams attend to their social construction.

Assimilations, be they New Leader or Functional, provide a compelling framework for accelerating team performance. These one-day sessions create opportunities for meaningful discussions about the current state and future direction of the team, help bring strengths and challenges into focus, and allow the team to identify action items needed to move both the business and the team forward.

New Leader Assimilations are designed for leaders in the first 4-6 months of their tenure, accelerating the pace at which they move to common ground with their team. Through facilitated discussion and interactive tools, New Leader Assimilations provide a platform for:

  • Achieving a deeper understanding among team members;
  • Distinguishing the short/long-term issues and opportunities facing the team; and
  • Identifying action items for moving the team and the business forward.

While the methodologies for Functional Assimilations are similar, the focus of the discussion is quite different. Typically done with teams that have been in existence for some time, Functional Assimilations are generally designed to explore issues of alignment, team functioning, and strategic direction.

Inspiring improved performance and renewing team focus, Peak Development Assimilations are among the best investments a team can make.


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