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Establishing the Framework for a High-Performing Team


Team Architecture and Facilitation, Executive Coaching, and Vision/Strategy Alignment for a major product launch team at a consumer pharmaceutical company.

Business Challenge

This team needed not only to manage a highly complex product launch—the largest prescription to over-the-counter switch in the company’s history—but to do so amid the integration of two large pharmaceutical companies. It was a high-profile test of the acquisition’s value, but also an opportunity to showcase how the best aspects of both cultures could combine to create new ways of working.

The Peak Development Solution

As the team was operating under a compressed timeline, decision-making speed was paramount, yet the team was working under many layers of governance. Peak Development designed a governance structure that would eliminate layers, facilitate cross-functional communication, and drive decision-making further down in the organization. As the structure was unique to the project, it also allowed team members from the two organizations to come together on "neutral ground."

Charters, roles and responsibilities, decision-making structures, and governance bodies were clarified. This information was made widely available so that everyone associated with the launch could understand the processes, and quickly determine the correct path for resolving launch-related issues. With a streamlined structure in place, we coached the senior and team leaders to reinforce the new model.

Executive leadership had a large stake in the success of the launch, and understandably had a great need for information. Peak Development developed a proactive communication strategy, so the team could speak to the organization with one voice and stay ahead of perceived issues. The communication strategy also included the creation of a launch dashboard, based on project plans and metrics agreed upon by the team’s leadership. This one page communiqué focused the team’s efforts, allowing everyone on the project to see at a glance which areas were on track and which required attention.


Peak Development provided backstage consulting, facilitation, and executive coaching throughout the 12-month launch cycle.

With increased flexibility and behind-the-scenes support, the team was able to execute the largest launch in the company’s storied history. In the second quarter of its launch, the product was already track to significantly surpass its earnings goals for the year. The project also developed several new organizational leaders who were promoted to positions of greater responsibility.

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Friday, September 6th, 2013  
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