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Giving Executives a Competitive Edge


Executive Coaching for executives in leading pharmaceutical, technology, and biotechnology companies.

Business Challenge

One example: a newly appointed senior executive was having difficulty making the leap from leading a functional area in his company to leading the overall company.

The Peak Development Solution

Peak Development Customized Executive Coaching.

Some of the tools used include:

  • Real-Life, Real-Time Observations. A Peak Development Executive Coach shadowed this client at agreed-upon meetings and presentations. Conducting sessions within the context of these real-life situations makes the transfer from the coaching environment to on-the-job performance more probable and expedient.
  • "Just-in-Time" Consultations. We recognize that there are times when clients need in-the-moment feedback, and that these are often among the most important moments in a coaching process. We made ourselves available for these consultations throughout the six months of work with this client by responding promptly to his requests.
  • Confidential, One-On-One Sessions. One-on-one sessions provide a forum for honest assessment and discussion of individual abilities, behaviors, and goals. A Peak Development Coach worked with this client to formulate an individualized plan for growth and facilitate ongoing development.
  • 360° Feedback. A methodology for collecting and synthesizing structured feedback from the people our clients come into contact with every day: peers, direct reports, supervisors and other colleagues. At the executive level, we collected this feedback utilizing a narrative, qualitative approach.


This leader took his leadership ability from intuitive to intentional, which resulted in improved capacity to effectively lead the organization. He completed his coaching process better equipped to develop the company’s strengths and deliver on his potential.

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Thursday, September 5th, 2013  
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