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Growing Your Organization

Welcome to Growing Your Organization, Mindy Hall’s blog, which emphasizes that all organizations—from start-ups to Fortune 50 multinationals—must continue to grow or they will perish. But growth isn’t solely about size; it encompasses culture, strategy, innovation, efficiency, leadership, teamwork, and more. Twice a week, Dr. Hall offers new perspectives on the issues that impact your enterprise, your workforce, and everything in between. We welcome your comments, and hope the ideas we share will be useful in your work. Also, remember that good ideas are worth sharing, so if you find any of our resources useful, please pass them along to others.

There’s a symbiotic relationship between the choices you make in assembling your team and how serious the organization thinks you are about what you’re trying to drive. What kind of team are you building? Are they star performers who are functionally strong but weak in leadership?  Do they set the tone for the culture you’re trying to create? Whether you’re the senior leader assembling the team or a member who’s serving on it, how well do your actions match your words?

The best leaders recognize that for development to be most effective, it needs to go beyond simply imparting skills to instilling a learning mindset. That mindset is accelerated when you, as a leader, model your commitment to continuous learning, and make it an ongoing part of the team’s work.

Rethinking the Deliniation between HRBPs and OD Practitioners

It is time we re-think the delineation between Human Resource Business Partners and OD practitioners, finding ways to leverage the strengths of each to advance our common purpose: improving the way organizations operate.


For change to take root, you must overcome patterns that pull people back to the familiar and comfortable; one of the best ways to support new patterns is to provide positive reinforcement. That is why Reinforcement plays such a large role in Peak Development’s CLEAR Model of Change©. By rewarding the new behaviors necessary for change, you are making it more likely that those behaviors will continue. You are building new habits that, with time and perseverance, become the new norm.

“Active involvement” lies at the center of Peak Development’s CLEAR Model of Change©. It is what underpins every other element of our model and creates sustainable results in your organizational change initiatives. Quite simply, people will nurture what they help create; to ensure success, discover ways for those affected by a change to play a role in bringing it to life.

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