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Growing Your Organization

Welcome to Growing Your Organization, Mindy Hall’s blog, which emphasizes that all organizations—from start-ups to Fortune 50 multinationals—must continue to grow or they will perish. But growth isn’t solely about size; it encompasses culture, strategy, innovation, efficiency, leadership, teamwork, and more. Twice a week, Dr. Hall offers new perspectives on the issues that impact your enterprise, your workforce, and everything in between. We welcome your comments, and hope the ideas we share will be useful in your work. Also, remember that good ideas are worth sharing, so if you find any of our resources useful, please pass them along to others.

This month, we kick off a new series on Peak Development’s CLEAR Model for Change, which encompasses Communication, Leadership, Active Involvement, Education, and Reinforcement. This first installment focuses on the most important considerations when crafting communication plans for your change efforts. By communicating with care and discipline, you’ll be better able to make a meaningful, long-lasting impact on your organization. 

Reading may be one of the most under appreciated tools for continuing your leadership development. It is one of the quickest ways to acquire and assimilate information. It is a mode of development that is available 24 hours a day. You can do it virtually anywhere. It can be done in small increments or for large blocks of time. It is scalable, flexible, and on-demand. That’s why virtually all of the development plans I create for my clients include some form of reading, and why one of the most frequent pieces of advice I give to leaders—especially to those just starting out—is to build your leadership library.

Backstage Consulting

Backstage Consulting

Backstage Consulting re-thinks the traditional client-consultant relationship, moving the external firm from the position of providing “the answer” to a position of creating the framework, discipline, and guidance for an organization to find its own answers. The approach places the organization and the client’s needs at the center of the work and measures success in terms of capabilities built rather than knowledge bestowed.

Some people say that perception is reality. I say that, while perception may or may not be reality, it still drives behavior. So leaders must address perceptions—especially negative ones—head on. Here are a few ways leaders can intentionally shape the stories about themselves and their organizations

Meet Your Heroes

You’ll miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. If there are people you admire, people whose work inspires and teaches you, reach out to them. You may be surprised, as I have been time and again, by how much they want to engage in discussions about their work.

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