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Rapidly Scaling An Organization while Keeping a Startup Mentality


Company Vision/Platform, Organization Design, Shaping Culture, and Executive Team Coaching in a rapidly-growing biotechnology company.

Business Challenge

With the impending launch of a potential blockbuster and more products in the pipeline, this mid-size biotech company needed to rapidly scale its operations: moving from a research-focused startup to a mature commercial organization, while retaining elements of speed and nimbleness in its culture that had made them successful.

The Peak Development Solution

Peak Development worked with the CEO and the Executive Team to create the company’s vision and platform on which to build the next chapter of its growth. Knowing that the company would need to scale in size to meet the demands of its launch and its future pipeline, Peak Development analyzed the company’s existing organizational model to determine whether and how it would need to shift, ensuring attention was paid to key components of:

  • Organization Design
  • Process Alignment
  • Governance & Decision-Making
  • Day-to-Day Operating Model
  • Organizational Culture
  • Talent

To support these efforts, we developed a communication strategy and cadence that is still in existence today which ensured employees and partners stayed informed and had opportunities for two-way dialogue.

Also, as it was clear that the Executive Team would set the tone for successful growth, we provided ongoing team coaching to support the executive team in modeling the mindset and behaviors they wanted to see brought to life throughout the organization.


Following an extremely successful product launch, the company has continued their growth, strengthened by a clear platform for the future, a robust business model, and a culture that supports their strategic plans. The organization also gained tools and experience that have allowed them to begin planning for their next major milestone.

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