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Reshaping an Organization for Competitive Advantage


Organization Design, Backstage ConsultingSM, and Executive Coaching in a consumer healthcare company.

Business Challenge

A well-regarded company with several category-leading brands had missed its top and/or bottom line for the past several quarters. Senior leaders were wary of a redesign process that would simply move boxes on an organizational chart. They were looking to send a signal that real change was required at every level of the organization, and to undergo a process that would dramatically impact both how people worked with one another and the results they could achieve.

The Peak Development Solution

Peak Development worked with executives to create internally-led, cross-functional teams charged with streamlining the flow of products from discovery to market and better aligning efforts across the entire organization. By drawing on the expertise of those closest to the work, this approach generated both ideas and engagement. What’s more, it served as a model for how the company expected employees to work in the future, giving them first-hand experience with the new ways of operating. Throughout the process, Peak Development and a small team of internal consultants provided guidance and facilitation to the teams. We also coached senior leaders throughout the project’s implementation to ensure that their actions and their communications reinforced the culture they were seeking to create.


The company has righted itself. The resulting employee-generated solutions and processes are still in use today, and have become a valued part of the company’s operations. The project gained significant traction as an internally-led, employee-centered effort, which has positively impacted the sustainability of the work.

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Friday, September 6th, 2013  
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